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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1865981681266570274948486Nicholas R SantichLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days3 1JKJCC
2825981681266570275257682*Nicholas R SantichLJCC2017/2018Under 17 2 Day5 1WGJCC Boomers
3705981681266570274948970*Nicholas R SantichLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days4 1WGJCC Kangas
4625981681266570274950262*Nicholas R SantichLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 DaysGF 1KWJCC Gold
5605981681266570274947960Nicholas R SantichLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days1 1QRJCC White
6535981681266570274949653*Nicholas R SantichLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days6 1KWJCC Gold
75213551171266570282293052*Kartik KumarLJCC2017/2018U13 North 2 Day1 1QRJCC Blue
8516888631266570274949251Sharad JessaniLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days5 1ORJCC Sharks
9485981681266570274950048*Nicholas R SantichLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 DaysSF 1JKJCC
10469834391266570282295446*Ethan ElliottLJCC2017/2018Under 14 Central 2 Day1 1KWJCC Gold
114512492611266570275257045Vinay PatelLJCC2017/2018Under 17 2 Day4 1WHITJCC Blue
12445981681266570274948044Nicholas R SantichLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days2 1WANJCC
13437708311266570274949243*Jamie WedgwoodLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days5 1ORJCC Sharks
14439834391266570282297243*Ethan ElliottLJCC2017/2018Under 14 Central 2 Day5 1SDJCC Red Dogs
15408800181266570275258040Chase ProcakLJCC2017/2018Under 17 2 Day6 1ORJCC Tigers
16397042501266570275255439Josh T HobleyLJCC2017/2018Under 17 2 Day1 1DCJCC
17376889071266570275257637Milan DabasiaLJCC2017/2018Under 17 2 Day5 1WGJCC Boomers
18379500961266570282293937Jack CorbelliniLJCC2017/2018U13 North 2 Day4 1KWJCC Maroon
19357724721266570274948435*Alex MerendinoLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days3 1JKJCC
20359834391266570270559335*Ethan ElliottLJCC2017/2018Under 14 Central One Day1 1DCJCC Blue
21347042501266570270565334*Josh T HobleyLJCC2017/2018Under 17's T20 Central4 1ORJCC Sharks
22345981681266570270563134*Nicholas R SantichLJCC2017/2018Under 15 Central T204 1WGJCC Boomers
23336888741266570274949233*Conrad de BruinLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days5 1ORJCC Sharks
24327341621266570270562632*Mitchell YikLJCC2017/2018Under 15 Central T202 1ORJCC Sharks
25326889071266570270564432*Milan DabasiaLJCC2017/2018Under 17's T20 Central1 1WGJCC Roos
26316888631266570270562831*Sharad JessaniLJCC2017/2018Under 15 Central T203 1KWJCC Gold
27305981681266570270562630*Nicholas R SantichLJCC2017/2018Under 15 Central T202 1ORJCC Sharks
28307708311266570274950230Jamie WedgwoodLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 DaysGF 1KWJCC Gold
29307341621266570274949230*Mitchell YikLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days5 1ORJCC Sharks
303012844421266570270559830*Mohdeep SinghLJCC2017/2018Under 14 Central One Day2 1WHITJCC Blue
31307708311266570275256030Jamie WedgwoodLJCC2017/2018Under 17 2 Day2 1WGJCC Roos
32307708311266570274948930*Jamie WedgwoodLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days4 1WGJCC Kangas
333013382701266570282297230*Mitchell HassettLJCC2017/2018Under 14 Central 2 Day5 1SDJCC Red Dogs
342914938451266570282297429*Nathan W DrayLJCC2017/2018Under 14 Central 2 Day6 1ORJCC Sharks
35297724721266570274947929Alex MerendinoLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days1 1QRJCC White
36286889071266570275257028Milan DabasiaLJCC2017/2018Under 17 2 Day4 1WHITJCC Blue
37287757891266570275257028Jared MaunderLJCC2017/2018Under 17 2 Day4 1WHITJCC Blue
38279512031266570270560027Brodie ChapmanLJCC2017/2018Under 14 Central One Day3 1JKJCC Gold
392713382701266570282295427*Mitchell HassettLJCC2017/2018Under 14 Central 2 Day1 1KWJCC Gold
40269041221266570282294826*Aadi ShahLJCC2017/2018U13 North 2 Day6 1ORJCC Sharks
41266888631266570274948026Sharad JessaniLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days2 1WANJCC
422613382701266570270559826*Mitchell HassettLJCC2017/2018Under 14 Central One Day2 1WHITJCC Blue
43259512031266570270560425Brodie ChapmanLJCC2017/2018Under 14 Central One Day4 1KWJCC Gold
44259041221266570270553525*Aadi ShahLJCC2017/2018Under 13 Central One Day3 1JKJCC Green
45255981751266570275257625*Ryan L ZeplinLJCC2017/2018Under 17 2 Day5 1WGJCC Boomers
46257042501266570275257625Josh T HobleyLJCC2017/2018Under 17 2 Day5 1WGJCC Boomers
47257405241266570275257625*Cameron J DemirisLJCC2017/2018Under 17 2 Day5 1WGJCC Boomers
48257405241266570275256325*Cameron J DemirisLJCC2017/2018Under 17 2 Day3 1WGJCC Kangas
49256888741266570274947925*Conrad de BruinLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days1 2QRJCC White
50257708311266570274947925Jamie WedgwoodLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days1 1QRJCC White
51256888961266570274949225Tristan GorringeLJCC2017/2018Under 15 2 Days5 1ORJCC Sharks
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 25 and 100 runs.

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