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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111459816814865703096979114*Nicholas R SantichLJCC2018/2019Under 17 2 Day3 1WGJCC-LJCC COMBINED
2755981681486570309699175*Nicholas R SantichLJCC2018/2019Under 17 2 Day5 1WANJCC
3556888741486570309696955*Conrad de BruinLJCC2018/2019Under 17 2 Day1 1ORJCC SHARKS
45317571491486570309701153*Sharoon SunderLJCC2018/2019Under 15 2 Days4 1KWJCC GOLD
55110801051486570309696951*Khyal PatelLJCC2018/2019Under 17 2 Day1 1ORJCC SHARKS
65114307391486570297521251Tyler OldfieldLJCC BLUE2018/2019Under 10 Central8 1WGJCC KANGAS
74616453271486570297581646*Nicholas HartLJCC2018/2019Under 12 Central13 1SDJCC KOOKABURRAS
8447708311486570309696944Jamie WedgwoodLJCC2018/2019Under 17 2 Day1 1ORJCC SHARKS
9445981681486570309699444Nicholas R SantichLJCC2018/2019Under 17 2 Day6 1WGJCC KANGAS
10407708311486570309697940*Jamie WedgwoodLJCC2018/2019Under 17 2 Day3 1WGJCC-LJCC COMBINED
11396888741486570309697939Conrad de BruinLJCC2018/2019Under 17 2 Day3 1WGJCC-LJCC COMBINED
123813382701486570309701138Mitchell HassettLJCC2018/2019Under 15 2 Days4 1KWJCC GOLD
13357708311486570301590035*Jamie WedgwoodLJCC2018/2019Under 17's T20 Central2 1ORJCC SHARKS
14346889031486570309697934*Louis BurnsLJCC2018/2019Under 17 2 Day3 1WGJCC-LJCC COMBINED
15349512031486570309700134*Brodie ChapmanLJCC2018/2019Under 15 2 Days1 1SDJCC KOOKABURRAS
163417571491486570309702034Sharoon SunderLJCC2018/2019Under 15 2 Days6 1DCJCC
173210464351486570297581632*Daniel TysonLJCC2018/2019Under 12 Central13 1SDJCC KOOKABURRAS
183117571491486570301579531*Sharoon SunderLJCC2018/2019Under 15 Central T203 1DCJCC
193117672841486570309702031Trystan GaynorLJCC2018/2019Under 15 2 Days6 1DCJCC
20316888961486570309699131*Tristan GorringeLJCC2018/2019Under 17 2 Day5 1WANJCC
21309512031486570309701130Brodie ChapmanLJCC2018/2019Under 15 2 Days4 1KWJCC GOLD
22307341621486570309696930Mitchell YikLJCC2018/2019Under 17 2 Day1 1ORJCC SHARKS
23299834321486570301590029*Kush DabasiaLJCC2018/2019Under 17's T20 Central2 1ORJCC SHARKS
242914307391486570297517529Tyler OldfieldLJCC BLUE2018/2019Under 10 Central3 1DCJCC GOLD
25297724721486570309699429Alex MerendinoLJCC2018/2019Under 17 2 Day6 1WGJCC KANGAS
262814307391486570297521128*Tyler OldfieldLJCC BLUE2018/2019Under 10 Central7 1SDJCC RED DOGS
272712844421486570309700627*Mohdeep SinghLJCC2018/2019Under 15 2 Days2 1QRJCC BLUE
282516011241486570309727025Krish PatelLJCC2018/2019Under 14 North 2 Day5 1SDJCC KOOKABURRAS
292513204061486570297519625*Param SadariaLJCC BLUE2018/2019Under 10 Central6 1LJCC WHITE
30255981681486570301591025Nicholas R SantichLJCC2018/2019Under 17's T20 Central5 1WG-DC JCC BOOMERS
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 25 and 100 runs.

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